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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A little X-rated...

Alright girls and boys...

I like to think everyone has a freaky side...maybe that's because I don't want to think that I'm all alone!!! LOL

Browsing about, I found this website...

The Champagne Room Online!!!

WHOA!!! The adult novelties are fabulous...endless...and wonderfully priced. Rabbits and beavers and plugs OH MY!!!

I would put some pictures up, know!!!

If you're 18 or over, go and check it out!!!! My purchase is on the way. I may put up a review


A little off topic, but eyeglasses!!!

Hey girls and boys...

So, my contacts were bothering me quite a bit...probably because I leave them in too long, but that's another story...shhhh...

I am a member of deals and steals on, and someone posted this wonderful site.

They have eye glasses starteing at $8.00! They offer UV protection, anti-scratch coating, and lens edge polishing and beveling for FREE!! You can get bifocals, color tinting, and photochromatic (dark outside and clear inside).

I ordered two pair, one for the house and one to toss into my purse. I spent $25 SHIPPING INCLUDED!! All I needed was my prescription. You input it hassle...

Enjoy my lovlies!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lacura skincare system

Hi girls...and boys!!

It's been a moment many many apologies!!!! We've been busy!!! Here's the latest!!
Are you looking for an inexpensive skincare line? Lacura!!!

It's apparently all the rave in Europe, and finally here.

I'm a huge fan of Kiehl's Ultra facial moisturizing lotion. Truth be told, it's the only face lotion that I've used for the last year. I paid $60 for the large size...and it's honestly lasted me this long. I only use about a dime size daily, and it's about half gone. LOVE it!!! But still, figured I'd give this a try. I've been using the whole line since the weekend and love it. I have very senstive skin, and have not had a blemish pop up yet!! That alone is enough for the thusfar. My skin has had a phenominal glow about it, and I'm very happy. I'm going to give it a go for about 30 days. Here's what I'm using:

- Hydrating facial cleanser
- Hydrating facial toner
- Hydracomplete face lotion
- 10Q night cream
- 10Q restorative cream
- Moisturising eye cream
- Exfoliating peel gel (love it)
- Ultra firming mask

The whole line cost me only $40!!!!!! Imagine!!! I switch up the daily creams and also use the peel and the firming mask every two days. I'll keep you posted and of course put up pictures!!!

Enjoy my wait, the website...because you can only get this at your local Aldi!!! Cut and paste this into your browser: