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Sunday, July 5, 2009

ELF cosmetics

Hey girls and boys....

So, I know that you've at least heard talk of ELF cosmetics. Eyes Lips and Face. Well...I was a bit skeptical...because 80% of their cosmetics are $1.00!!! Imagine. Yeah, so...again, I'm thinking dollar cosmetics equal dollar store results....NOT!!!
I did a couple of reviews on their products. Some are fantastic!!! Some, not so much...but then again, that goes for everything...doesn't it??? I've tired some MAC that I didn't care for...AT ALL....(eehheemmm...eye primer).
ELF website

All I'm saying is give it a go. What will you be out of?? $1.00???? LOL...They are having a sale right now, on their mineral products (I did my review on these, check them out) and I would sooooo recommend you pick up a couple of them, along with the mineral eyeshadow primer. If you love UDPP, you will certainly love this...and especially for $3 with 40% off!!!!

Here's my review on YouTube.
Check it out, lemme know what you think!!!