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Sunday, February 8, 2009

A couple of insider tips...

Hey girls...and boys!! I am sure you can guess, Robin and I went to the mall this weekend...yes to the MAC counter at our local Nordstrom. And to our sheer we descended the escalator...HELLO KITTY WAS THERE!!!! OMG!! Who knew??? Of course we went crazy...between the two of us, we are out of at least $450. That's easy at MAC, right? out to your local MAC location, or call to verify, Miss Kitty may have made an early surprise visit. As you know, she will fly off the shelves. There were a couple of lip shades that were already sold out when we got there.


BTW...I just found out something new as I googled the elusive 214 MAC smudge brush (which I found...that info to follow), I found our that Nordstrom sells MAC online...imagine...also...guess who's there??? Miss Kitty....hurry!!!!

Now, on to that dang smudge brush!!
We've been to the MAC counter, to, and of course to my new found No freaking 214 brush. I've gone to ebay...of course they want a million bucks for it (ok...$30) plus shipping, and to two of our favorite private online sellers (we'll share that info later), and to another of our favorite (for MAC junkies). NOTHING, NADA, ZERO, ZILCH...What the heck is it about this dang brush that has it flying off the shelves???? Not sure, but I will let you know, because I found it. Ready for the locale?!!! Who knew that the department stores had contracts with MAC to sell online? We've learned something new kiddies!!! When your favorite MAC item is sold out online, and in stores, check and If I find any other sites, I'll be sure to post.

Happy shopping!!