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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's the latest in inexpensive cosmetics??

Hey girls...and boys. The answer to the question is Jesse's Girl.

No, it's not brand new, but it is to some. Robin picked up a couple of the Sparkling Eye Dusts from her local drug store a couple of months ago. She was completely blown away...she actually compared them to MAC's pigments. Can you imagine? Me either. One of her earlier looks was actually done with Jesse's Girl. Check out the post entitled " ". is their product line-up for eyes:

Eye Dust - 21 shades available. Were alone for light coverage, or add water or mixing medium for more dramatic coloring!!

Eye Lites - 15 shades of liquid shadow availible in glitter and creme formulas.

Single Pan Shadows - 5 sumptuous colors availble.

Creme Eye Shadows - 6 creme smooth on colors available.

Eye Liners - available in 7 glitters and 8 khol formulas.

Tri-Shadows - 3 gorgeous colors in one, available in 5 tri-color compacts.

Bulls-eye Shadows - 3 coordinated colors in one, 5 shades available.

Sooo...we just placed a big order for most of the items above. Come back and check for some looks. We're working on a retail agreement with Jesse's Girl, so look for her on our ebay page!!!